Victoria’s Marathon Run

– October 2020

Meet Victoria Simpson, a “Friend of Toowa” who in October 2020 raised £820 for the school by running 26.2 miles. She raised £620 from the marathon run and raised a further £200 from donations.

Victoria’s story is below in her own words:

A good quality education provides a child with real opportunities for a stable and empowered future, enabling them to thrive in the 21st century. With the right skills and confidence they can take control of their own fate.

In the UK it’s a given right which many of us take for granted; the fantastic FREE schooling our children receive. What a stark contrast to many villages in Africa……

Toowa Primary School currently supports over 450 children from the rural village of Toowa, which lies in the hills behind Lugazi in Uganda. The school caters for children whose families are so poor that they cannot afford to send them to school were it not for the support they get from the donors who help the school.

The school needs funding to help it develop for the future, making it possible for more needy children to benefit from the education provided. I therefore ask you to help support the amazing work which is already happening in and around Toowa.

I appreciate times are difficult at the moment but we are not alone; families in Uganda are also affected by COVID and need our help and support more than ever.

£200 will provide one child with:

  • Full time Education every weekday
  • TWO Hot meals a day
  • Medical Assistance (should the child become sick)
  • A School Uniform
  • A limited amount of educational materials.

I am not expecting you to give away your money for nothing – On Saturday 24th October I will run the marathon distance of 26.2 miles (42.2km). It’s not going to be an easy 5 hours but knowing that this run has the potential to improve the prospects for at least one child and their family – it’ll be worth it!Thank you everyone for the amazing support you have given to me and the children of Toowa.

I am so overwhelmed! I’m pleased to say I completed the 26.2 miles in 4 hours 20 minutes. A huge thank you for the supporters who braved the rain with me. My amazing family, Steve, Olivia and Abigail – seeing you pop up along the way was so encouraging. Pauline Archer (you even managed a little run with me) Zara Townley (great pacing and nice chat) Emma Stacey, Neil Fletcher, Suzanne Gregory (you kept me going when it got tough) Sandra Macmillan, Vivienne Kennedy, Linda Bennett and the children and church community at Bretherton Congregational Church. You are all amazing 







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