About Toowa Primary School and The Toowa Community

A little about us ……..

About Us

Toowa Primary School currently supports over 450 children from the rural village of Toowa, which lies in the hills behind Lugazi in Uganda. The school caters for children whose families are so poor that they cannot afford to send them to school were it not for the support they get from the donors who help the school.

The school needs funding to help it develop for the future, making it possible for more needy children to benefit from the education provided.

If you can help the school develop and help a child access education please view our Sponsor a Child page. Every donation large or small will make a difference for the children of Toowa.

The management of Toowa School wish to thank those who support their work in providing quality education to children who could not otherwise access it.

A Child’s Potential

A child in the developing world becomes aware very early on in life what the benefits of a good education will be. Around them every day are the effects of poverty and for them, as soon as they can walk; they have to struggle to survive.

Limited poor quality food, unsafe water and medical care that they cannot afford even in the unlikely event that it were available to them. Even the very basics of life that many in the world take for granted are not available to them.

The provision of one thing though, an education, can change all that for the future. Children who are educated are able to release their potential and in so doing make a difference in their nation, their community, their family and in their own lives.

Please consider helping a child go to school.

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