Water Project Donation

Project Type: Rainwater Collection
Installation Date: 2022-01-15
Functionality Status: Functional

On the 15th January 2022 , With the generous help from a water charity “Ugandan Water Project“, we were able to finally give the children the ability to have access to clean, safe and purified drinking water. This is such a big step at the school and will benefit the children to keep well hydrated.

With their donation of all the parts needed coupled with their expertise, we had to provide some building labour and materials. The team did wonders in a few days.

This is how they describe it on their website:

A UWP rainwater collection system consists of a 10,000-liter polyethylene tank that’s placed on a cement base and connected to a building’s metal roof through a gutter system. As rainwater is harvested, people can collect it from the nearby tap stand we install, then purify it using the four hollow fiber membrane water filters we include with each of our rainwater collection systems.”
IMPACT: Clean water for 100-500 people
LIFESPAN: 20+ years
COST: $3,600 USD 

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