Little Shirat and Grandmas home

This was one of the projects that moved a lot of us, an ongoing project to build a safe and solid house for a little girl named Shirat and her Grandma, as you can see the old house was just a shack made from bits of wood and propped up with sticks, it has a corrugated sheets as a roof, and lots of gaps that let in the rain, wind and jungle creatures. The toilet (pictured above) was just a hole under a tree with sheets of plastic to give them a little privacy. As you can imagine, this would be a treacherous journey at night for both Gran and little Shirat to have to take. It was a matter of safety and well-being for these two venerable souls. With the help of the Friends of Toowa, we were able to raise the funds to build them a new home.

The new house that was planned would be a solid structure and would safe, warm and wonderful for them. The plan was to have a 2 rooms home but enough money was raised to also build a new toilet and shower building as the existing one is very unsafe for a young child and an ageing gran.

Thanks to the “Friends of Toowa” these two lovely people can now live in their new home safe and sound. The slideshow about shows some of the photos from the build.


These are the photos of their new home and bathroom / toilet block and a happy Shirat with Elijah.