Our Past Fundraisers – Cycle Tour

Tony’s Cycle Tour – June 2019

To raise funds for the school and the new Kitchen

Meet Anthony Smith, a remarkable “Friend of Toowa” who in June 2019 raised £2200 for the school so that they can have a new and much needed kitchen. The tour involved cycling, unsupported, from Canterbury to Rome, a distance of 1150 miles!

My reasons to complete the journey were originally a personal goal I have harboured for nearly 15 years. Having reached the tender age of 65, time was not on my side, so I took the opportunity to do  it while fit and healthy. Sponsorship for my efforts came about after hearing about a project to build a new kitchen in Toowa, Uganda. My wife Angela and her friend Kath Houghton had visited the area in 2018 , so had witnessed for themselves the conditions which the villagers live in.Initially, we targeted a sum of £1000 aimed at sponsors from friends and family. To our great surprise we raised £2200.Tony Smith

The Route Information
Cycle Tour Route
Elevation Charts

Below are just a few photos of taken along his journey

The old kitchen
Tony Smith
Tony’s Route

Canterbury, UK
Cassel, France
Valenciennes, France
Girondelle, France
Marville, France
Metz, France
Sarrebourg, France
Strasbourg, France
Colmar, France

Basel, Switzerland
Andermatt, Switzerland
Bellinzona, Switzerland

Como, Italy
Pavia, Italy
Fidenza, Italy
Livorno, Italy
Follonica, Italy
Tarquinia, Italy
Rome, Italy
Formia, Italy
Montesarchio, Italy
Lioni, Italy
Venosa, Italy
Matera, Italy
Taranto, Italy
Brindisi. Italy

The new kitchen
New Kitchen in use

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