Knitting Vests / Jumpers and “Beenie” Hats (For little people)

Its surprising how we find the climate of Uganda hot, however, to the Ugandans it can be cold. This combined with the lack of resources and limited clothing means that babies and the very young infants can be left vulnerable. This is why we have asked and encouraged the “knitters” among you to help us knit little jumpers and hats, In fact we have even made a pattern available to you. We can all do a little bit to help keep a baby warm. The more we knit, the more babies will benefit from a gift of a knitted vest and beenie. Please help this cause by using your free time to knit these much needed clothes for the babies. You can then get in touch with Kathleen who will provide you an address (in the UK) to send them to. We then send regular batch parcels to Uganda.

You may download the patterns using the buttons below. The printer friendly version is designed to use less colour ink