Projects: Rebuilding Four Classrooms.

Rebuilding four main classrooms

The original classrooms were constructed from wooden planks and corrugated iron panels for shelter. These classrooms usually have no windows or doors as such, just gaps left to enter and let in some light. As you woud expect, there are no other facilities such as electricity and limits all teaching to non-technology aids.

In Early February we received devistating news that the 4 basic classrooms had been destroyed beyond recovery by heavy rains and wind. Toowa school is located in the hills and whilst have great views, its very open and exposed to the elements.

As you can see from the photos above, these were very basic classrooms open to the elements if the weather chose to test them and as you see below on 11th February 2021 “Friends of Toowa” received the news from Eiljah that the classrooms had been destroyed by bad weather. These were beyond repair and the demolotion began a few days later. Any materials that could be salvaged and repurposed was being done.

This is now started an unplanned project of the most importance. The rebuild of these classrooms as a solid structure. The classrooms will have partition walls that can be opened. This achieves the following:

  • Reduces building costs
  • Reduces the need for additional fundraising and donations
  • Speeds up the rebuild
  • Allows flexibility and ability to re-configure the rooms
  • Allows this space to be hired out at weekends and holidays for additional revenue in the future.

If you would like to help this project you can donate via our Kiltwalk page by clicking the button below or if you prefer contact Kathleen directly.

Contact: Kathleen Houghton Email:

Mobile: +44 (0) 7752 310069

Below are some very early concept plans so that we can visualise the build

Overview Concept plan

Below are some visuals of how this space could be used in a flexible way.

Ways in which we could potentially use the flexibility

Phase 1

As the fundraising has began and money started to come in from crown funding and generous donations, work commenced. The site was prepared after demolition of the old shack buildings.

17 th March 2021 – The foundations have been marked out and digging will start tomorrow. No hanging about with these workers.

18th March 2021 – Initial digging of the foundations started, they have no machinary so it is all done the old fasioned way, my hand with spades,

19th March 2021 – Lots of work has been carried out on the foundation all manual labour in just one day!

Update from Elijah – (26th March 2021)

Amazing work going on here… Many of the people on the village are very happy as we are buying materials from them. Others are directly employed as builders and porters at the building site.

I have so far bought 8,000 bricks, 60 bags of cement,10 trips and sand(both lake and swamp sand) and more bricks are being brought at the site

I am now buying enough materials to be around at the building site as this is a rainy season and it may be difficult to bring materials later on when it rains

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