Projects: Build a Children’s Dormitory

Work for a much needed dormitory for the children of Toowa started in January 2020. There are currently around 450 children attending Toowa Primary School and there are many more in the community who cannot afford to attend because their families are just so poor.  Some of the lucky ones who attend very often have to walk for miles to get to the school and as such it is a lot safer and better if the these more venerable children could stay in the school dormitory during the week and go home at the weekend. The dormitory at that time was too small and crowded. The school started to build a new dormitory but after the foundations the funding ran out. This school had very limited funds mainly from donations and support from international donors.  A GoFundMe page had been setup to help raise funds to continue this build.

Here you will now be able to follow the journey of the build which has taken just over a year to complete.

I am sure you will agree with me that these workman are quite amazing. There are no machines like we have in most countries(2020) for digging foundations. It is just amazing how far they have moved on with the dormitory in such a very short time. 

The building work for the new girls dormitory had stopped early in 2020 due to the lack of funds. With a few donations a little more work had resumed and eventually a lot of progress was made.

Once again, after another stop in the build, with a generous donation more materials were purchased and work continued for awhile.

A few more stops and starts, so related to funds as well as the Covid-19 situation. the Build continued……..

In Feburary 2021 the new dormitory was finally completed. Thank you to all the supporters as without you this would not have been possible.

Project finally finished , swept, cleaned and newly painted beds with new colourful bedding (hand made by one of the “Friends of Toowa” team). Thank you to all the fundraisers, donations, support, local suppliers and last but most importantly Elijah and his team and builders for taking this from an idea to completion. we are all so proud of our new Dormitory.

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