Classroom build – update

Foundations dug, materials delivered and work on the build is flying along.

Update from Elijah

Amazing work going on here… Many of the people on the village are very happy as we are buying materials from them. Others are directly employed as builders and porters at the building site.

I have so far bought 8,000 bricks, 60 bags of cement, 10 trips and sand (both lake and swamp sand) and more bricks are being brought at the site

I am now buying enough materials to be around at the building site as this is a rainy season and it may be difficult to bring materials later on when it rains

We have another 4 new sponsored children

Thanks to all our amazing sponsors we have reached 96 (that’s another 4 new children’s education secured from a week ago). We are so close to that 100 milestone. Please keep spreading the word for these wonderful children.

And a massive thank you to all our sponsors and supporters. So many generous donations have been coming in for the classroom rebuild project. Keep visiting the website for regular updates too.

We have signed up for the Virtual Kiltwalk

Friends of Toowa are participating in the forthcoming virtual Kiltwalk to raise funds for the children of Toowa, Uganda and we’d love you to join us. If you sign up the team is ‘Friends of Toowa’ and the charity ‘Capstone’.

If you can’t take part but can spare a pound or two we’d be very grateful.

Thank you 🙏🏻❤️

A new website page will be added specifically for this event shortly.

Demolition of the damaged classrooms complete

Update from Elijah:
The wooden classroom block whose roof was blown off has also been demolished. We are now clearing and preparing the place for the construction of the new permanent block. The building of course will be in bits like it was with the dormitory as there is no ready money to do it at once. I would love to say thank you to you all for the support you have already given . With those funds we are going to get the work started. The new classroom block will have partitions so as to cut on the cost of construction and also make the building multipurpose where by it could be used for classes, host functions of the school and of the village when possible, the same block could be used as the school main hall for assemblies and school debates etc